Additional Math – Trigonometry – Sketch the Graphs and Find the Number of Solutions

Image: Solution to the Sketching a Cosine graph and a Linear Graph, find the intersections.

Sunday 12 Noon Additional Math Tuition Class. – Sketching of Cosine Graph and a Linear graph.



The green curve represents the trigonometric curve y=cos x and the grey straight line represents $latex y=1-\frac{1}{\pi }x$The x-axis is from 0 to 2π (6.28) radian.

There are four points of intersection including the point (0,1) . Sometimes students do not include (0,1) because they either didn’t see the intersection at the left corner. Or they mistakenly believe that when two graphs touch  it is NOT an intersection.

Additional Math (amath) (A math)  Group Tuition. Woodlands Choa Chu Kang, Yew Tee, Yishun and Sembawang.


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