Elementary Math – Algebra – Using Special Products to find the value of constant a.

The question states that the algebraic expression is a perfect square. We will use the inspection method (trial-and-error) method to factorize the expression..

Both expression above are the same as it is a perfect square. Create an equation using the same technique used to check if the factorization is correct

$latex \displaystyle x\left( {{{a}^{2}}-5} \right)=-4x\ \text{and }x\left( {{{a}^{2}}-5} \right)=-4x$

$latex \displaystyle {{a}^{2}}-5=-4$

$latex \displaystyle {{a}^{2}}=-4+5$

$latex \displaystyle a=\sqrt{1}$

$latex \displaystyle a=\pm 1$


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