A-Math – Surds

Additional Math – Surds – Circles – Find the unknown integer a and b

$latex \displaystyle \sqrt{{a+b\sqrt{3}}}=\frac{{13}}{{4+\sqrt{3}}}$ Square both sides of the equation. $latex \displaystyle {{\left[ {\sqrt{{a+b\sqrt{3}}}} \right]}^{2}}={{\left[ {\frac{{13}}{{4+\sqrt{3}}}} \right]}^{2}}$ Expand and simplify the [...]

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Additional Math – Surds – Rationalize the Denominator and find the values of a and b.

$latex \displaystyle x\sqrt{{40}}=x\sqrt{5}+\sqrt{{10}}$ Bring the values of x to one side of the equation and factorize out the x. $latex [...]

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