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Additional Math – Quadratic Equations – Find p when one root is equal or reciprocal to the other

Formula for Sum and Product of Roots Sum of Roots:    Product of Roots: $latex \displaystyle \alpha +\beta =-\frac{b}{a}$    [...]

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Additional Math – Quadratic Equations – Find the Equation with roots alpha & 4 alpha

i) Find the Sum and Product of Roots Use the formula:  Sum of roots = $latex \displaystyle -\frac{b}{a}$ and Product [...]

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Additional Math – Quadratic Equation – Show the Equation has Real and Equal Roots.

If an equation is real and distinct, you need to show that the discriminant b2-4ac  is greater than 0 (positive) for [...]

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Additional Math -Quadratic Equation – Application Question About Negative Discriminant

Step 1: Substitute  a = -2 and simplify the quadratic equation.2.5 = -2t2+3t+10= -2t2+3t+1-2.5-2t2+3t-1.5=0Step 2: Find the discriminant of the [...]

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