A-Math – Differentiation

Additional Math – Differentiation – Quotient Rule (Challenging)

Differentiate $latex \displaystyle\ y=\frac{{{{x}^{2}}\sqrt{{x+1}}}}{{x-1}}$ with respect to x. Simplify the Numerator (otherwise you need to use both quotient rule for [...]

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Additional Math – Differentiation – Sin 2x and 2 lnx

Use Quotient Rule $latex \displaystyle \frac{{dy}}{{dx}}=\frac{{v\frac{{du}}{{dx}}-u\frac{{dv}}{{dx}}}}{{{{v}^{2}}}}$ Differentiate the variables separately before inserting into the rule, there is less chance of [...]

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Additional Math – Differentiation – Equations with cot x and cosec x

$latex \displaystyle y={{\cot }^{2}}x-5+\cos ecx$ It is difficult to differentiate cot x and cosec x directly. You need to change [...]

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Additional Math – Coordinate Geometry and Differentiation – Determine the unknown value k

To find the value of k, you need to first find the gradient of the tangent of the curve. Then [...]

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Additional Math – Differentiate – Natural Log (ln) and Cube Root

$latex \displaystyle \text{y = ln}\sqrt[3]{{\frac{{3x-1}}{{x+5}}}}$ Before you Differentiate, simplify the expression by changing the cube root to index form followed [...]

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Additional Math – Differentiation – Exponential (e) and Trigo (Cosine)

$latex \displaystyle y=\ \ln \left( {\frac{{{{e}^{{{{x}^{2}}}}}}}{{\cos (1-x)}}} \right)$ Before you Differentiate, simplify the expression using the Laws of Logarithm   $latex [...]

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Additional Math – 2nd order Differentiation and Integration – Find the equation of the curve

Sun 12 noon Additional Math Tuition Class at Woodlands- Differentiation of gradient to find the equation of curve. [...]

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