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Last A-math tuition group class for the sec 3 and sec4

Just before the Final Year Exams. Two girls left early so there was more pizza for the rest of us. Left to Right : Alex, Han Kang, Sophia and I

About  Math Tutor Jason.

I am a  Full-Time Math Tutor, Part-Time School Teacher, Former Education Technologist, a Life-Long Learner and a firm believer in a Growth Mindset, a belief that learning & intelligence can grow with time and persistence as oppose to a Fixed Mindset in which abilities, intelligence, and talents are fixed and can never be improved. 


My Qualifications & Work History

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)(Merit), a Business Administration Degree and half a dozen IT certificates. Upon graduation, I taught at a secondary school for  two years before the lure and excitement

I am a big supporter of educational technology. I believe it makes learning easier and more interesting.

of joining the E-Learning was too much to resist. I worked with companies like Informatics and AsknLearn for over a decade. I was involved in many school based E-Learning, Learning Management System and Training Project, as such I am very familiar with M.O.E subjects syllabus especially at secondary school level. After more than a decade, there came a point where I burned out and I decided that I needed a change of pace and environment even though I love my job as an Educational Technologist.  Since I was giving part-time Math tuition on the weekends, I decided to make tuition a full-time job instead. To this day, I have no regrets whatsoever in making the switch, I guess I am lucky cause I always end up doing stuff that I love.

About the Math Tuition

Math lesson in School. I teach sec 2 Math and sec 3 and 4 A-Math.

After more than 20 years of tutoring, I am very familiar  Singapore Cambridge GCE syllabus as well as the International IGCSE syllabus , I know the Additional Math and Math Exam Syllabus inside out as I keep myself updated with the latest syllabus by consulting my teacher friends, getting feedback from my students and monitoring the Singapore Examination and Assessment Board (SEAB) and the Cambridge IGCSE website.

I practice questions that frequently appear in test and exams and caution students about common mistakes made and the misconceptions students may have for every  Math topic.

I bring real-world examples to explain difficult and abstract concepts whenever possible. I encourage two-way communication to make sure that my students' understand what I have taught them and I follow up by giving them questions during lesson as well as homework to apply what they have learnt and to reinforce their learning.

Yup! Thats Me. Same as my Whatspp Profile Pic

I do not Hire other Tutors

I teach students myself at my tuition centers. I had a few bad experiences with hired help. They may have the certificates and grades but it does not necessarily mean that they are dedicated, competent and able to  motivate and bond with the students. 

Tuition Fees are very Affordable

My tuition fee are very affordable because I keep my overheads low. The Woodlands Tuition Centre is shared between a few tutor , while the Johor Bahru Centre is a residential apartment. Furthermore I do not employ admin staff & other support staff.


What Motivates Me

Yes, money is a motivator, but If it was just for the money, there are other jobs that pay more. What I love is the accomplishment of seeing my students’ Additional Math and Math grades improve and knowing that they understand what they're learning. When their grades improve, their confidence soars and motivation level increase, this creates a virtuous cycle of constant improvement. I derive great happiness whenever I see my students strive to overcoming difficulties and performing to the best of their abilities. I am not implying that students must score distinctions for Math. Even if a student just manage to pass his/her math but have constantly failed previously, I am still very proud of that student and it give me motivation to try harder.

Additional Math (A-Math), Elementary Math (E-Math), Sec 1 and Sec 2 math, Combine Science (Physics/Chemistry) Tuition at Woodlands. Best Math and Science Tuition in Woodlands, Yew Tee, Choa Chu Kang, Sembawang and Yishun.