Sec 2 E - IGCSE O Levels Mathematics

Mid-Year Exam - Answer Sheet

Answer Sheet

  1. Please use pencil to do corrections.
  2. If your answer is partially correct, you only need to do the part that is wrong.
  3. Do corrections on the exam paper, not on your exercise book or test pad.


If you did well for my exam, CONGRATULATION! keep up the good work. If you did not do well, you still have time to improve, there are still many opportunities as long as you are willing to try.



Current Homework

Homework  for 7th June (Tuesday)

Watch the following videos.



And Do the Homework Questions Written on the Whiteboard.



Past Homework- Corrections


The Pythagorus Theorem Formula c is the longest side of the triangle. If you do not know which side is the longest, look for the line that is across from the right angle. Some of you did not put the value of the longest side as c therefore you got the answer wrong.



  • Do Not Use Red, Blue or Black ink for corrections.
  • Corrections has to be done for all question that does not have a tick.
  • If I write the word 'continue', It mean you did the solution half-way. You only need to write the corrections for the remaining part of the solution.
  • Corrections must be done after I return you your work, if you do not do your¬† work after repeated warnings, you will be dealt with accordingly.