Tuition with me logo at woodlands,,chua chu kang sembawang and johor bahruAre You Suitable for Group Tuition?


Small Group Tuition ( 4-6)

Individual ( 1 to 1 ) /

For Who:For Who:
Students who have some understanding of what is taught in school.Students who do not understand  what is taught in school.
Students who need occasional help with their homework.Students who need a lot of  help with their homework.
Students who are able to work on problem sums by themselves and  need occasional guidance from tutor.Students who gets distracted by other students or are too shy to ask questions when others are around.
Students that can adapt their learning style to fit a group.Students who have a fix learning style and prefer to study alone.
Student who can only have tuition on weekend.Student who can have tuition on weekdays.
I can help you, I offer one Free Trial Lesson. No Obligation.Sorry I Do Not Conduct 1 to 1 Tuition.