Additional Math – Trigonometry – The most challenging question we came across – mid year 2019 Exam

While preparing students for the mid year exam 2019, I stumbled upon a very challenging question, I have never came [...]

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Additional Math – Differentiation – Equations with cot x and cosec x

$latex \displaystyle y={{\cot }^{2}}x-5+\cos ecx$ It is difficult to differentiate cot x and cosec x directly. You need to change [...]

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Additional Math – Trigonometry – Prove the Identity Cos x/ (1- Sin x) = Tan x + Sec x

$latex \displaystyle \frac{{\cos x}}{{1-\sin x}}=\tan x + \sec x$ The rule of thumb is to always prove from the side [...]

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Additional Math – Trigonometry – Using the R-Formula to Change a Trigonometric Expression

$latex \displaystyle 10{{\cos }^{2}}x+4{{\sin }^{2}}x+8\sin x\cos x$ Split 10 cos2x and factorize 8sinxcosx. $latex \displaystyle 6{{\cos }^{2}}x+4{{\cos }^{2}}x+4{{\sin [...]

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