About Jason the Tutor

Additional Math and Secondary School Math Specialist

About Me- Jason the Tutor teach in Woodlands, Chua Chu Kang Sembawang Yishun and Johor Bahru

About Tutor Jason.

I’ve been teaching math for over 20 years,. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Math (Merit), a Master in Education (Edu Tech), a Business Administration degree. Currently I am pursue a 2nd Master degree (Master of Teaching) at NTU NIE.

I believe that with hard work and practice, anyone can get better at what they do. I’ve taught students from different parts of the world and used technology to make lessons fun and easy to understand. About ten years ago, I switched from working with educational tech to full-time tutoring, and it’s been one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

Math tutor Jason. additional math (a-math) and secondary school math specialist. Boon lay, jurong west, woodlands, yew tew, marsiling, admiralty, choa chu kang, sembawang and yishun

About the Math Tuition

After more than two decades of tutoring and teaching, I’ve become an expert in the Singapore Cambridge GCE and International IGCSE syllabuses. I know the ins and outs of the Additional Math and Math Exam Syllabus, always staying up-to-date by consulting my teacher friends, getting feedback from my students, and staying on top of the latest information from the Singapore Examination and Assessment Board (SEAB) and the Cambridge IGCSE website.

I focus on practicing the questions that frequently appear on tests and exams, while also warning students about common mistakes and addressing any misconceptions they may have about each Math topic. 

Teaching at Private and  International School Overseas.  Sec 2  Math class (2018)


I do not Hire other Tutors

I teach students myself at my tuition centers. I had a few bad experiences with hired tutors. They may have the certificates and grades but it does not necessarily mean that they are dedicated, competent and able to  motivate and bond with the students. 


Tuition Fees are very Affordable

My tuition fee is very affordable as I keep my costs low; I do not employ support staff nor do I situate the center is a prime location with expensive renovation.  My Woodlands Tuition Centre is shared between three tutors.


What Motivates Me

Finding motivation in my work is not just about the money. While there are other jobs that offer higher pay, what truly drives me is the satisfaction of seeing my students succeed in Additional Math and Math. Witnessing their grades improve and their understanding deepen brings me great joy. Not only does this boost their confidence and motivation, but it also fuels a cycle of continuous improvement. I am always proud of my students, whether they achieve top scores or simply pass their exams after struggling in the past. Their progress fuels my own motivation to strive even harder.


sec 3 math tuition class at woodlands. new class at boon lay.

E-Math sec 3 Tuition class at Woodlands.

I am a big supporter of educational technology. I believe it makes learning easier and more interesting.

Additional Math (A-Math)  E-math tuition woodlands, admiralty, marsiling, yew tee, choa chu kang, sembawang  yishun ,boon lay, jurong west 

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